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Shop the 2022 Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

 For the ones with stars in their eyes

stars are bright handmade gift ideas from apricity ceramics

1. The Stars are Bright earrings are new to the website and are becoming a fast favorite. They invoke old Hollywood glamor and are so festive without being camp. 
2. A beautifully handcrafted green tourmaline flower necklace dainty enough for everyday ware. 
3. The new Stars are Bright collection shot glass/ espresso cup displays a glaze that mimics the night sky. Pair with a nice bottle of port of an unbelievable gift. 
4. A cute trinket dish to put all your treasures in ✨
5. Ornaments make for a wonderful keepsake gift, and you cant beat the Stars are Bright ornaments, new to 2022!
6. If they have stars in their eyes, they probably have a lot of dream to write down. Why not write them down in a beautiful notebook with a watercolored butterfly cover. Special thoughts deserve an equally special journal.

For the Mushroom Mavens

Mushroom related gift ideas from apricity ceramics

1. On those dark winter nights these Morel Mushroom Beeswax candles sure do bring in some light.
2. Smoky charcoal trinket dishes to put those candles on, wax can be drippy!
3. Fancy matchbook so those candles can be enjoyed immediately 🔥
4. Mini brass mushrooms for your plants- I cant believe how cute these are!
5. 5th Kingdom adaptogen blend for your morning coffee or tea.
These aren't magic mushrooms, but they sure are magical.
6. And a Drops of Honey mug to put them in!

For the plant lovers

2022 Gift Guide for Plant lovers from apricity ceramics

1. A bouquet of brass flowers for your planters includes a delicate cosmos, a stem of lilies, a sprig of gypsophila and an elegant freesia. If only they smelt as good as they look!
2. A brass butterfly plant animal to put on your indoor plant. All the plant animal options are so fun and unique! 
3. A Drops of Honey medium planter -three sizes depending on your plants needs, but this is a great planter to really spice up an area.
4. An Urban Field Guide zine filled with a bunch on information on wild plants. Excellent for the explorer, and makes for a really fun activity.
5. Perhaps your or the gift recipient is not the best at keeping plants alive 🥸, but that's where these handy plant care cards come in! Learn top tips on: Humidity, light, temperature, watering, feeding, root rot, repotting, soil types, pests, and problems.
6. A flower is a plant, and sometimes the best gift is a beautiful bouquet for flowers and a great vase to last a lifetime.  

For the one who has it all

Gift ideas for the ones who have it all from Apricity Ceramics

1. Tap into your inner child with these cut-and-make dolls of famous artists. Perfect for an art lover! 
2. The Rosie mug! I can personally guarantee no one has these because I haven't released any into the wild yet! (Unless you are my mother, she does have the first 😉). 
3. Handcrafted French candies in unique flavors, such as rose, apricot, and verbena. These are totally not your average candy, and they're all absolutely delicious.
4. This hand-carved Pomegranate board made from solid mahogany wood is truly one of a kind! 
5. A gorgeous vase with a beautiful bouquet is always a gift hard to beat. This Stars are Bright bouquet vase has unique glaze pattern that almost mimics the night sky. (Looks particularly amazing with any white and orange flowers.)
6. My absolute favorite, the honeycomb earring, are so elegant and can go from day to night. They are one of the more difficult items I make, but the results speak for themselves- just gorgeous!

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