Urban Field Guide to the Plants in Your Path (Zine)

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This little field guide presents 15 plants that can be found growing throughout your urban home.
 Detailed illustrations coupled with facts about growth habits and history bring to light the life of these urban plants. Learn how they come from a diverse group of plant families and use a distinct set of adaptations to thrive in the urban environment and then learn how they share their gifts with us and the rest of the living world.
Zine/ pamphlet published by Microcosm!
Printed in Cleveland, OH and Portland, OR

About the Publisher

-Portland (and Cleveland!)'s most colorful, authentic, and empowering publishing house and distributor, Microcosm Publishing & Distribution is a vertically integrated publishing house that equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them.

- Microcosm was started by Joe Biel in a bedroom closet as a disco and record label in 1996 and is now among the oldest independent book publishing houses in Portland, OR. 

- All books are printed in the U.S., and the company doubles the industry average in number of women authors and prioritizes hiring of special needs employees.