Imagine walking in the garden

The day is bright, and a new warmth settles on the backyard oasis.

Dew drops on leaves wake up the garden from its long winter nap and pollinators of all kind busily buzz around. The first flowers are always the winter weeds, but the bees are thankful for them. You can see them dancing in delight when they find those first dandelions.

That is the feeling of "apricity”, the warmth of the sun on a winter day.

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Meet Sophia

Sophia Keys of Apricity Ceramics makes dirt pretty, or at least that’s what she’ll tell you. From her Atlanta, Ga studio, Sophia slip casts from original forms each piece of porcelain clay to create functional pottery for everyday luxury. No two pieces are exactly alike, and that’s the point. 

Sophia Keys as a child in a bee costume and Sophia now in her garden drinking from a drops of honey bee mug


Summer 2022 Inspiration

Summer 2022 Inspiration Some of the inspiring photos will make sense, and others only serve to bring me joy. I'll only know after I’m done what stuck in my head and what was a fleeting fancy. The joke, of course, is on me-- I will never be done.

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Mineral Magic and a Geological Exploration Through Time

Mineral Magic and a Geological Exploration Through Time Indulge me while I take the question of "where's it made" little further, because you may be surprised to know just where some of the minerals that make my pottery possible come from. Some were mined pretty close by, some far away. But believe me, they were all made a long time ago.

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Collection of Apricity Ceramics Pottery with a Honeybee landing on the side of a mug

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