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Drops Of Honey Collection

Drops Of Honey Collection

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Gift Ideas

Dew Collection

Dew Collection


Imagine walking in the garden.

The day is bright and a new warmth settles on a backyard oasis, providing a much needed break from the chill of the winter winds.

Dew drops on the leaves wake up the garden from its winter’s nap. Pollinators of all kinds busily buzz around. The first flowers are always the winter weeds, but the bees are thankful for them.

You can see them dance in delight when they find those first dandelions.

That is the feeling of “apricity”; warmth on a winter’s day. 

Each day as winter gives way to spring, the garden transforms.

Each day promises something new.

The dragonflies and butterflies begin to appear as do the wasps and mosquitos. The garden is home, their home and our home too. 

Watch as the worker bees go from flower to flower, gathering nectar fit for the queen. Wild hives hidden in trees and caverns drip with honey savored only by the hive. Lucky be the one who finds such a rare treat. 

The queen bee knows when to savor the sweet nectar and when to save just the right amount for the future.

Everyday luxury is the life philosophy here at Apricity. We believe in using the good stuff every day, because we are the queens of our own lives.

Each collection is designed to evoke a royal feeling even if you are just making a Thursday cup of coffee as you make lunches and rush out the door. These are not the pieces to sit in the china cabinets, only to be admired. No-- plant your plant baby in the gold rimmed pot, slip your ring on the ringcone when you wash the dishes, enjoy a beautiful meal plated elegantly while you Netflix and chill. Make your life beautiful in every way, every single day.


Bring Apricity into your life.


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