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Pollinator Paradise: A Sneak Peek at the New Butterfly Collection

Pollinator Paradise: A Sneak Peek at the New Butterfly Collection
Last year, while casually driving around and indulging in a guilty pastime of admiring houses I could only dream of affording, I unexpectedly stumbled upon an estate sale. It seemed like a great opportunity to peer into a fancier world, so I parked my car and ventured inside to explore the house.
The interior was adorned with fascinating wallpapers and, truth be told, a fair amount of stripped furniture. While snooping around, I noticed a set of four vintage botanical prints by Maria  Sibylla Merian, featuring exquisite depictions of flowers and, you guessed it, butterflies. I couldn’t resist the gaudy gold frames encasing the butterfly wings that almost looked like marble paper. I loved them and immediately pulled them off the wall, knowing I was going to loose out to the lady behind me if I didn’t claim them!
I’ve lived with them for a year, one on each wall of my bedroom -- one is opposite my bed so it is quite literally one of the first things I see in the morning.
Speaking of dreaming, I had a beautiful dream of me sitting in a sun-filled butterfly house and watching all the butterflies dance around me. Full of flying color and elusive trails.
This new collection of butterfly items is undoubtedly inspired by the 4 prints from that surprise estate sale. It’s so funny how such a small event can make such a huge direction change.
I hope yall enjoy the new pollinator additions and I cant wait to show you more.
A collection of butterfly and bee pottery from Apricity ceramics


Laynet Perez


I love your work and you have inspired me to pursue ceramics myself. Would you consider offering virtual classes or recordings for purchase? I have signed up for local pottery classes in my area but I would love to learn tips from you and how you achieve your beautiful glazes.

Claudia Banks

The butterfly pieces are gorgeous. I’m glad you stopped at the estate sale!

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