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Summer 2022 Inspiration

Collection of Images that have inspired my new glaze colors

I don’t always feel inspired to create something new. Constant creation would be draining, and that’s why I love production—you are always creating and working those physical muscles, but I’m letting my mind rest, and waiting for the winds of inspiration to take me away. 

Lately, I have been finding myself wanting to do new things. Perhaps it’s in reflection of this new world we live in? I’m drawn to the sea and its art nouveau period and its gilded wildness. Isn’t it beautiful? I especially love a movement focused on everyday objects--Art for daily ritualistic purpose.

 I’m not sure if others function this way. I’m either in a creative space or in a production space, and it’s impossible for me to do one if I’m in the other zone. But of course, life is life, and sometimes we do what we don’t really want to do.

But because we have persevered, now we can be rewarded and create freely. The winds of inspiration have caught me, finally. And I’m letting the art nouveau vibes sweep me away. 

Some of the inspiring photos will make sense, and others only serve to bring me joy. I'll only know after I’m done what stuck in my head and what was a fleeting fancy. The joke, of course, is on me-- I will never be done.

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