Van Gogh Cut-and-Make Puppet

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Yes, he cut off his ear, and yes, he is the archetype of the “starving artist” trope.  
Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about how brilliant the Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh was.
Bold colors (I mean he’s practically the granddaddy of Fauvism), brushstrokes that seemed to move on their own, and paintings full of symbolism you can’t quite decipher all characterize a Van Gogh painting.
And even though he had no commercial success during his life (after all, that is the theme), he is considered now one of the most important painters in history. A large part of that is due to his siblings devotion to Vincent and belief in his work.
To go a bit deeper, check out Vincent Van Gogh: The Tragic Story of the Artist’s Life  

Measures 12.5” tall once put together with the included small brass split pin.
Add some string to hang on the wall or use a magnet to place on the refrigerator. 
Made in Hastings, United Kingdom

About the Illustrator

-Designed and produced by illustrator Louise Burgess who creates cut-and-assemble paper dolls that tap into the imagination of the inner child.

- Her company name “Wini-Tapp” honors Loiuise’s grandmother, a classy artistic lady who played the accordion, loved pug dogs and lashings of red lipstick.