Dalí Cut and Make Puppet

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It’s hard not to recognize the works of Surrealist Salvador Dalí, but perhaps it’s harder not to recognize his mustache.
He was eccentric, a walking contradiction and a perfect representation, both in his work and in his life, of the idea of taking the unconscious world and bringing it into reality.
 The question remains though-- he lived in this world, but did he ever live in reality?
Fun travel tip—if you ever find yourself in St.Petersburg, FL make sure to check out the Salvador Dalí Museum 
To go a bit deeper, check out How to Understand Salvador Dalí 

Measures 12.5” tall once put together with the included small brass split pin.
Add some string to hang on the wall or use a magnet to place on the refrigerator. 
Made in Hastings, United Kingdom

About the Illustrator

-Designed and produced by illustrator Louise Burgess who creates cut-and-assemble paper dolls that tap into the imagination of the inner child.

- Her company name “Wini-Tapp” honors Loiuise’s grandmother, a classy artistic lady who played the accordion, loved pug dogs and lashings of red lipstick.