Bread Board

Studio Inko
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Handcrafted and hand-finished out of solid maple wood, this bread-shaped bread board adds a fun twist while preparing meals. 
Each board is carefully selected, cut, smoothed, and finished with food-safe mineral oil and beeswax - an hours long process that is done completely by hand.
Raw brass logo inlay.
Over time, the wood surface will beautifully patina, a reminder of all the wonderful meals prepared and enjoyed with family and friends. 
Made in Northern California

About the Woodworker

-Rose locally sources wood from the lumber yards around her in Northern California. Each board she carefully selects, cuts, finishes, and oils by hand in her at-home Mill Valley workshop.

-She loves to work with wood because the natural grain of each piece makes each piece different unique and being able to add her own touches to that is a truly special experience.