60 Ways To Use Your New Trinket Dishes

Hands down the most common question I get is: “Do you make that?”
"Why yes, yes I do!"
But after that, the next most popular question is: "How do you use this trinket dish? Is it just for jewelry?"
Y'all, Im here to tell you a resounding NO-- there are so many more ways to use them!
Each month of 2020 I'll describe 5 new ways to use your beloved trinket dish. At the very end of the year, you'll have a grand total of 60 ways to use your new trinket dishes!
Thanks for coming along for the ride!

1. Jewelry Holder

Well, let's get the obvious out of the way.

Trinket Dishes holding Eryngo, Lantana, and Bluebell earrings

2. Spoon Rest

Listen- you're making tea, adding sugar to coffee, or even just sneaking a little taste of what’s cooking for dinner. You’ve got your spoon, but ya know you're gunna use it again! No need to clean it over and over and over. The 3” and 4” trinket dishes are perfect for a spoon to rest.

3. Tea bag holder/ tea strainer holder

Speaking of making tea, where’s that teabag going? Some really nice teas can be steeped two or three times before the leaves can no longer be used. A trinket dish is a great way to hold on to the leaves and dry them out a bit before they are used again.

Tea Bag Holder

4. Votive Candle holder

Every year I buy beeswax candles from a local bee keeper at a holiday market. They’re in all different shapes and sizes- some of my favorites are actually in the shape of a little bee! But I used to ask myself, how do I burn these candles without the wax going everywhere? A paper plate is hardly the prettiest way, and definitely not great for entertaining.

Trinket dishes in any size are the perfect answer. They make great tablescape elements for entertaining, as well as being super easy to clean up. When the candle is all burned down, just put the dish in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to easily peel up the melted wax.

5. Matchbox holders

While candles are on the brain, those babies gotta get lit somehow. Having a second free trinket dish or bowl on hand is handy to store both spent matchsticks and to store your cool matchboxes.

The fancier the box, the more you wanna show it off!

Pictured here are the matchboxes from three Atlanta Favorites --  Marcel, Barcelona Wine Bar, and Victory Sandwich Bar.

Beeswax Candles on some Dew Collection Trinket Dishes


Check back in February for 5 new ways to use your new trinket dishes!  



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