#ShopSmall Holiday Gift List

#ShopSmall Holiday Gift List

Sophia Keys
4 minute read

Akin to Oprah's favorite things, I've put together a list of favorite products from the year, and probably what some people closest to me will be getting for the holidays (shh- don't tell them 😂🤫). Sure, most of these are off the beaten path of a "typical present", and you definitely cant pick any of these up at a big box store. But thats the magic of shopping small, shopping ethical, and shopping unique. 

1. Little Barn Apothecary 

My picks: Rose + Juniper Hair Mist or try the Jasmine + Geranium Polishing Body Scrub

Located here in Atlanta, Little Barn Apothecary is a small-batch vegan and cruelty-free beauty company and is basically the best of the best ⭐️ I love a lot of their products, but the hair mist leaves me feeling like a million bucks-- this spray has a warm floral smell that's just really beautiful and very easy to wear. While you're on the site, give the Jasmine and Geranium Body Scrub a try. It feels like a spa in a bottle and perfect for a little extra pampering after a hard day. 

Pair with a ponytail holder for a full gift 💝 Jasmine Geranium body scrub

2. The Small Home

My pick: Women's Sheepskin Mules – Rhubarb

Cold weather means cold feet and no one knows that better than me. These sheepskin house shoes definitely fix that problem! Made as sustainably as possible utilizing Rolls Royce cut-offs and sheepskin from British suppliers with the highest animal welfare standards. And cute to boot!

3. Brewer & Marr

My pick: DIY December Glass Bundle

Chelsea Brewer of Brewer & Marr is brilliant and created a way for everyone to try out stained glass art from the comfort of your homes. Talk about an amazing holiday gift that would make a perfect family activity (and some awesome memories). 


My pick: The Kelp Burger

I mean, yea this is probably not what you expected to see in a holiday list, but I don't care, I love this burger that much. Kelp is packed with nutrients, but this burger patty would never let you know it-- it's simply divine! Would make an excellent gift for an adventurous foodie.

Akua Burgers

5. Drops of Honey Planter paired with Brass Plant Animals

Shameless plug, but I do think it makes a great gift. 

Drops of Honey Collection Bee Planter

6. Wildcrafted 

My Pick: All three, you cant go wrong

Adaptogens are rad and have been the biggest blessing to me this year. I found out about Wildcrafted, created by Olivia Esquivel and her team at Southern Pressed Juicery in Greenville, SC, while at Indie Craft Parade and I can't remember my morning coffee before it! Choose between beauty, brain, or energy OR hehe, get all three.

Disclaimer -Im a Potter, not a Doctor so you know. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Wildcrafted Collection

7.  East End Press

My Pick: Star Paper Decorations

Hand printed on recycled paper, East End Press has created some amazing Holiday decorations that wont hurt the environment. Be careful, once you go to their website, you'll want one of everything!

8. Amanda Coleman

My Pick: Mini Bee Stud Earrings

PRO MOVE: add The Hex Earring

Nature inspired jewelry all 100% Handmade by Amanda Coleman in Lincoln, UK. Im very lucky to have some of her bee stud earrings in my shop but if you're interested in other animals and insects I would highly recommend checking out her Stud of the Month Club. Truly a gift that keeps giving 😉 

9. Brown Parcel Press

My Pick: 2022 Calendar (Green Thumb + Wooden Frame)

Some are very read to say goodby to 2021 and to those I say, hey-- check out this 2022 letterpress garden calendar! Handmade by Megan Fowler and her Breton mother Gaelle Boling in their rural farm studio in Hancock County, GA. Lovely images from the natural world with beautiful attention to detail, this is a guaranteed hit!

10. The Meta Tree Ornament 

An instant classic! The Meta Tree ornament makes a perfect stand alone gift for a co-worker, teacher, or bff, and a great gift addition too! 

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